Mx3 Visits Legacy Effects


Mx3 Visits Legacy Effects

Jan 09, 2016

IMG_5208We had the great opportunity to tour Legacy Effects in California recently. We want to thank are friend Omar Soubra for arranging the visit for us it was another very inspiring visit. We also want to thank Jason Lopes from Legacy Effects for taking the time to show us around.

We had the opportunity to see some really great things and learned a lot about the special effects industry.   Legacy Effects has been behind some very well movies: The Terminator series, The Alien movies, Iron Man, Avengers, John Carter, Predator and the Jurassic Park movies to name a just a few of the many.  Also the AFLAC Duck, Geico Gecko and more.  Walking through we got to see how 3D printing of all types helps in the process of making what we all see in the movies.

The other thing which surprised was the scale of some the pieces they have created for the movies, they are actual size, so for instance the Disney John Carter movie one of the alien characters size was close to 12 feet!  We got to try on the original Iron Man glove that Robert Downey wore in the first movie. There were a lot of things we were not permitted to photograph but we have some below, suffice it to say they are working on some really cool projects!

Avatar Character

From the Avatar movie this stands about 9 to 10 Ft!


Jurassic Park.


Terminator, Alien, and Iron Man.


Keane with the Terminator.


Carson showing Jason Lopes some of his drawings.


The Prop gun wall at Legacy Effects.



Thank you Jason Lopes!


Carson with the Alien Queen.


Keane with the Predator!


They do work for the Star Wars toy line.


Predator Statue


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