Mx3 Designs Visits TwoBit Circus


Mx3 Designs Visits TwoBit Circus

Jan 06, 2016

IMG_5194We had the great opportunity to visit TwoBit Circus headquarters recently in Los Angeles for the day! The TwoBit Circus group invited us there to tour and arranged for us to be interviewed in conjunction with a marketing initiative for the STEAM Carnival tour in 2016. We want to thank Brent Bushnell, Nicky Beusdan,John Zapolski and the whole team for the hFilming the interview.ospitality, it was a great day and we left more inspired to create and invent new things!

We had been wanting to visit TwoBit Circus headquarters ever since we met Brent Bushnell at Maker Faire Bay Area, so when the opportunity came we were very excited to go.    When we got there the first thing we liked was the entrance door it is very cool and very big!  They had set up the Maximus in area where they have regular receptions to show various games they have, it was so cool to see the Maximus there.  We then got to be interviewed about the building of the Maximus for a marketing piece surrounding the STEAM Carnival ( which was a lot of fun to do.

While we were there we got to meet Carl Rosendahl from Carnegie Mellon University who was there showing a virtual realty project from the university. Reagan and Keane both had a great time trying it out.


With Nicky and John.


Getting set up for the interview!


Playing the Maximus for the camera.



 We then had the chance to meet with CEO Brent Bushnell who we first met at Maker Faire bay area. We want to thank him and everyone at TwoBit Circus for giving us this great opportunity and we are looking forward to the Spring tour!

With Brent Bushnell!

Thank you to TwoBit Circus

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