The Acrylic Star Wars Imperial Star Cruiser Project.

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The Acrylic Star Wars Imperial Star Cruiser Project.

Jan 29, 2016

ImperialCrusierproject1Keane has been experimenting with 123D Make from AutoDesk and decided in honor of Star Wars to make an acrylic version of the iconic Imperial Star Cruiser.  We have been experimenting with an AutoDesk product called 123D Make, its really great software that allow you to turn 3D models into 2D build plans with instructions on how to assemble them back in to a 3Demensional piece. The software essentially takes you image and slices into layers which can be cut on a Laser Cutter and reassembled


Carson assembling the T-Rex made using 123D Make at CREATE at the Az Science Center.

to make very cool things. There are a lot of materials you can use to build with, wood, foam, acrylic, and cardboard to name a few.  The software allows you to make adjustments to the model itself prior to cutting. We have made two of the Imperial Star Cruiser each has approx 100 pieces in the set and comes complete with a stand. The stands were designed in Fusion 360 and cut out of 3/8th’s acrylic.  The Star Cruiser’s are available for purchase assembled, if you would like more information contact us at

The assembly process for the Imperial Star Cruiser, we use an acrylic glue which doesn’t smell very good so we started to use the mask.



The glue sets very fast so it helps to plan your assembly ahead of time.








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