M3D visits CREATE a New Maker Space


M3D visits CREATE a New Maker Space

Sep 27, 2015

Maker SpaceWe visited the new CREATE Maker Space in Phoenix this past Saturday.  The grand opening of the Create Maker Space at the Arizona Science Center a new facility for makers in the downtown Phoenix area adjacent to the Arizona Science Center.  At CREATE, people of all ages can share ideas, collaborate on projects and learn about science, technology, engineering, math and art through making.  We visited the Maker Space and had a chance to talk to many of the people who work there and it was a lot of fun. We really liked the wide open format of the space.  They have a PCB ShopBot Alpha mill there, which can be used for milling small pieces of metal and printed circuit boards. They also have 12 3D Printers! Printer Bots, TAZ, and The Cube.  Lots of soldering tools, wood working and other electronics.   One of the great things they have is a ShopBot Alpha Mill, the bed size is 10ft by 5ft if your into making and creating this is a great tool! We have already begun planning a first project on the ShopBot Alpha! In the wood shop area they have a table saw, band saw and a drill press to name few of the many things we found.  They also have an area called the Artistry hub, which has lots of sewing machines, vinyl cutter, embroidery machine and silk screening available for use.  One of our favorite tools to have at any maker space is a Laser engraver/cutter and the CREATE space has two Universal Laser’s! They have a build space of 24″ by 18″ and can do just about anything. The open spaces to work is a feature we like a lot for when you want to spread out while working on your projects. We are looking forward to making all kinds of great things at the new CREATE maker space!



Carson and Keane enjoying the Artistry Hub.


M3D Founders Carson and Keane were interviewed by CREATE to get their impressions of the lab.


M3D Co-Founder Reagan being interviewed by CREATE Labs.

Universal Laser CutterIn the electronics hub we found two Universal Laser’s.

Create Maker SpaceCarson discovered some great RGB lights from BlinkinLabs.

createmakerspace13The electronics hub 3D printers, Soldering Stations and other electronics.

createmakerspace12The open spaces of the CREATE Lab.


The wood shop hub.


  1. Brandon Esser Says: October 12, 2015 11:48 pm

    Hi is there a website for this Makers pace? Id really like to check it out!


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