Terminator Vs. Rex Art Project-Carson


Terminator Vs. Rex Art Project-Carson

Aug 03, 2015

IMG_0140I recently entered an art contest that the Stan Winston School of Character Arts had. It was the Dino Art contest.   My entry was a water color, inspired by the movie Terminator and Jurassic park. I thought what if the Terminator took a wrong turn during time travel while trying to find John Connor and ended up in Spielberg’s Jurassic park. Being the Terminator why not look for something to do, so he looked for the fiercest of Dinosaurs to face off with the T-Rex. And being the Terminator he opted for getting as close as possible, during the battle the T-Rex managed to get a little from the arm of the Terminator.

We have a really great Art Teacher named Dawn who has taught us a lot about painting. This project took me a few days to complete, I started by sketching it out in pencil and then using water colors to add in details and depth.







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