3 D Printed Wire Twister-Reagan


3 D Printed Wire Twister-Reagan

Aug 03, 2015

WireTwister7 Have you ever tried to twist two thick wires together, but the wire kept on slipping in your fingers? No more! This is the WireTwister! It’s a drill bit attachment that secures the wires with 2, 2-56 screws and allows you to twist the wires together with ease!

 The Inventor files can be found at my Thingiverse page: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:890687/#files   the file to download is the wire_twister.ipt file.  In Inventor you can change the screw hole to match any size screw you would like to use.

When you are in your slicing software, scale the WireTwister by 10 to make sure it prints at the right size.WireTwister2

I printed this with 100% fill, 100 micron layer height and at 50mm/s.

Here’s a link to McMasters website for the screws I used, but you can find them at just about any hardware store.  We have fund that ACE Hardware has a good selection of often hard to find sizes.    http://www.mcmaster.com/#91735a007/=xvpztb

To use the WireTwister put your two wires into the holes on the bottom and tighten the screws. Then put the WireTwister into your drill and start twisting!



Insert wire ends into bottom of wire twister.


Tighten screws on both sides of Wire Twister.


Once both screws are tighten insert Wire Twister into drill and slowly twist pairs together.

Wiretwister11Make On!

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