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TwoBit Circus/STEAM Carnival/Cuberinth Maximus Build

The CubeRinth Maximus is a three dimensional maze constructed download olymp trade using 1/2 inch Acrylic sheets and features top and bottom peg boards as well three removable peg board shelves. The Acrylic Cube weighs approximately 450Lbs and is suspended by a steel structure which allows for movement in all directions. The CubeRinth Maximus by M3D is played by dropping a ball at the top of the maze navigating through each level to the bottom maze and then the Cube is rotated 180 degrees and the ball is navigated back to the top level. The Maximus features 10 meters of neo pixels powered by a SparkFun Red board and has a Spark Fun LSM 6D Accelerometer which is used to command the light effects and SparkFun MP3 trigger.
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CubeRinth Assembly Instructions

Limited quantity!

The CubeRinth is 3 dimensional acrylic cube with removable peg board shelves. Using pegs and rubber bands player’s can create an infinite number of maze combinations on the 5 peg boards. The game is played by dropping https://www.olymptrade.com.in/ a marble in at the top, playing it the bottom maze and entering the goal and flipping it over to play it back to the top again! Each kit includes everything you need to build your own CubeRinth.


8in x 8in x 8in

  • 17 Screws
  • Pegs
  • Rubber Bands


6in x 6in x 6in

  • 17 Screws
  • Pegs
  • Rubber Bands

Kit Contents
CubeRinth Glow
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